NFL Betting Mythbuster

iCrackStreamsSeptember 22, 2022

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American Football ranks amongst the best-loved and most popular sports in the world, from the grit and determination of College Football to the speed and athleticism of the professional game. Football is best followed in the US, but it enjoys a healthy following worldwide, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Nigeria and further afield. We’ve seen several top matches from the National Football League (NFL) played in Europe; such is the demand from fans who can’t afford to cross the Atlantic to see a game.

The NFL is the biggest football tournament on the planet, with the Super Bowl being the main attraction of the year. The decisive game of the campaign is watched by thousands of fans in attendance at the stadium, with plenty more following the action on television and through the best legal live streaming apps. Armchair fans have so many options on how to follow their favourite teams, much more than was available just a decade ago, and that’s why we see the viewing figures continue to rise year after year.

There’s more to the NFL than simply watching the match and cheering on your favourite players, celebrating as they play a part in another decisive win for their team. Yes, there’s not much better than live sports, although NFL betting does take your excitement levels to new highs. Just think, do your research, bet smart, and you could land a profit while watching the big match.

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Research is key to success

Making a profit from betting on football is no mean feat. It takes hours of research and years of experience to get one over on the bookies, but it is possible, and there are plenty who manage it every season. What’s more, anyone can bet smartly on the NFL and give themselves a chance to bash the bookies if they are shown how, and that’s exactly what we intend to do in this article.

The only slight criticism aimed at NFL betting is that there’s not a lot of value around. Traders working at the top sportsbooks certainly do their research before publishing the various odds and markets, so to level the playing field, you must do your homework. At least as much as the bookies. Think of it like this; the more research you do, the luckier you will become. That’s a proven fact.

Many football fanatics are put off betting on fixtures for the usual reasons. They think there’s not much point as value is hard to come by. That’s wrong. They don’t understand how football betting works. That’s easy to solve. And they aren’t impressed with how they are treated by their online sportsbook. Another easy fix. Those three misconceptions have ruined sportsbook betting for many, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Read on to find out why and what you can do to improve your chances.

Finding value

Bookies aren’t in the business of giving cash away, and if every bet were a winning one, the industry would collapse in a week, taking a huge chunk of financial backing from sport with it. Yes, betting value is difficult to find, but only if you limit your search to the obvious markets, such as match winner. The top gambling apps offer dozens of pre-match and in-play betting markets on every NFL fixture, and it’s up to you to dig through the dirt to find a gem. Do you expect a free-flowing game? Back the overs in points. Will the favourite win at a canter? Back them on the minus handicap.

It’s easier than it looks

Not understanding betting isn’t a valid excuse to be put off if you have a real interest. It’s not nearly as complicated as it looks. There are loads of markets and no shortage of jargon, but it’s often over-complicated by the leading bookies. Keep it simple and build your experience betting on match winner, handicap, total points and play for small stakes.

Betting with the best

Want a better deal? Go and get it. The best bookies offer new customers a welcome bonus, and this is usually a free bet. Don’t go with the first sportsbook you see. Study what’s available, shop around, read the T&Cs and get the deal you deserve.

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