NFL Tennessee Titans Vs. Arizona Cardinals

iCrackStreamsAugust 27, 2022

The Tennessee Titans will travel to Arizona to take on the Cardinals in a matchup of two teams fighting for playoff positioning. The Titans are currently in first place in the AFC South, while the Cardinals are third in the NFC West. Both teams have talented rosters and this should be a close game.

1) How the Tennessee Titans can beat the Arizona Cardinals in their upcoming matchup

There are a few things the Tennessee Titans need to do in order to beat the Arizona Cardinals in their upcoming matchup. First, they need to establish the run early and often. This will keep the Cardinals’ defense honest and open up opportunities for play-action passing later on. Second, they need to be aggressive on defense and apply pressure to Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray. If they can force him into making mistakes, it will go a long way towards winning the game. Finally, special teams could be a difference-maker in this contest; the Titans need to make sure they don’t give up any big plays and capitalize on any opportunities they have to score points.

2) Reasons to be excited for the Tennessee Titans vs. Arizona Cardinals game

1) The Titans are coming off of a big win against the New England Patriots, while the Cardinals are coming off of a loss to the Carolina Panthers.
2) Both teams have strong defenses, so it should be a close game.
3) The Titans have a lot of young talent on their team, so it will be interesting to see how they match up against the experienced Cardinals.

3) 3 key players to watch in the Tennessee Titans vs. Arizona Cardinals game

1) Titans RB Derrick Henry: He’s coming off a monster game against Baltimore in which he racked up 195 yards and two TDs on the ground. The Cardinals have a decent run defense, but if Henry gets going early, it could be a long day for Arizona.

2) Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald: The veteran receiver is still going strong at age 35, and he’s been particularly effective lately with four catches for at least 100 yards in his last three games. Fitzgerald will be a tough test for the Titans’ secondary.

3) Titans DE Jurrell Casey: Casey is one of the best interior defensive linemen in the league and he’ll be key to disrupting Arizona’s offense. If he can get into the backfield and disrupt things, it’ll make life difficult for Cardinals QB Carson Palmer.

4) X-factors that could decide the outcome of the Tennessee Titans vs. Arizona Cardinals game

-The weather could be a factor, as it is supposed to be quite cold in Arizona on Sunday. If the Cardinals can’t keep their offense warm, it could be a long day for them.
-Another factor could be the Titans’ run defense. The Cardinals have one of the best running backs in the league in David Johnson, but the Titans have been very good at stopping the run this season. If they can contain Johnson, it will put a lot of pressure on Arizona’s quarterback.
-The third factor could be turnovers. Both teams have been pretty good at taking care of the ball this season, but if either team makes a few mistakes it could cost them dearly.
-Finally, special teams could play a big role in this game. Both teams have solid kickers and decent return men, so whichever team can take advantage of their opportunities will likely come out on top.

5) A preview of the much anticipated matchup between the Tennessee Titans and Arizona Cardinals

The Tennessee Titans and Arizona Cardinals are set to face off in what promises to be an exciting matchup. The Titans have one of the best defenses in the league, and the Cardinals have a high-powered offense. This game could go either way, but it should be a close one.

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