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Dara of Jasenovac

Dara of Jasenovac

Nov. 25, 2020Serbia130 Min.R
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After the Ustasha-German offensive on Kozara, the native inhabitants leads to focus camps. Amongst them is twelve-year-old Dara together with her mom and two brothers. They know nothing about their father’s destiny. The horror he’ll survive within the Stara Gradiška camp will make him develop up in a single day.

Dara’s mom and older brother are killed, and the mission of her life turns into to save lots of the lifetime of her youthful brother…

What made Jasenovac significantly merciless was the existence of a particular camp for youngsters the place an estimated 20,000 Jewish, Roma and Serb kids had been brutally murdered. The strategies utilized by the Ustase guards to kill and torture the inmates had been reportedly so barbaric that even SS chief Heinrich Himmler is believed to have urged to the Ustashe that industrial killing, i.e. gasoline chambers, was a “cleaner manner” to liquidate victims in order that the guards would not want to make use of knives, axes, and different handheld weapons towards people who they had been sending to their deaths.

Historians have estimated that between 700,000 to 1,000,000 individuals had been killed at Jasenovac. The Nazis, themselves, recorded as much as 750,000 deaths. Because the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991, the Croatian authorities has frequently insisted that solely 83,000 individuals had been killed at Jasenovac. Croatia’s first post-Yugoslav president, Franjo Tudjman, an unabashed nationalist and the person liable for restoring the Ustase-era flag because the nationwide image of Croatia, insisted till his dying in December 1999 {that a} mere 3,000-4,000 individuals died whereas imprisoned at Jasenovac.

Disturbing historical past of Serb woman experiencing cruelty of warfare and focus dying camps of Nazi Croatia. Cruelty of Croatian Ustasha in Jasenovac extermination camps of WW2 the place hidden from public because it was the “public secret” in communist oppressed Yugoslavia. For “sake of peace” between ethnic teams communists saved it nicely hidden from public exterior of Yugoslav borders! Price watching regardless of payed articles and “journalist” who downplay significance of victims of ethnic Serb origin. Serbs did play main roll in WW2 in Balkans stopping Nazi Germany in its conquest of domination.

Dara of Jasenovac
Dara of Jasenovac
Dara of Jasenovac
Dara of Jasenovac
Dara of Jasenovac
Original title Дара из Јасеновца
IMDb Rating 8.8 454 votes



Marko Janketić isVjekoslav 'Maks' Luburić
Vjekoslav 'Maks' Luburić
Vuk Kostić isMiroslav Filipović
Miroslav Filipović
Radoslav Milenković isDobrodržeći čovek
Dobrodržeći čovek
Anja Stanić isNada Ilić
Nada Ilić
Zlatan Vidović isMile Ilić
Mile Ilić

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(21) comments

  • DanijelFebruary 5, 2021Reply

    This synopsis is a brutal lie that calls for even greater hatred between Serbs and Croats and some new war. The children were not brutally killed but unfortunately 1000 died of disease. And the other kids were adopted into Croatian families.
    The number of 700,000 killed in jasenovac is serbian war propaganda and far from the truth. Even one life lost in the camp is a lot, but at the expense of those killed to do war propaganda is not appropriate. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jasenovac_concentration_camp
    Franjo Tudjman was Tito’s partisan and anti-fascist who fought against the Ustashas and together with Tito and the partisans liberated them from the Nazis and the Ustashas.
    It is a lie that the victims of Jasenovac were not known in Yugoslavia, the children went to visit Jasenovac in an organized manner with the schools and every year a tribute was paid to the victims, and it is still held today.
    During World War II most Serbian military units collaborated with the Nazis and Italian fascists.
    Tito with partizans like Franjo Tuđman, later Croatian president liberated Yugoslavia fom Nazi ocupation.

    • Nevena StanicFebruary 7, 2021Reply

      I recommend ,that you find a Nazi written documents confirming Ustasha crimes.
      The Croatian people must accept the fact that they are the descendants of people who brutally killed nearly 1 million Jews, Serbs and Gypsy’s on the territory of the state of Croatia !

    • BlajburgigaFebruary 7, 2021Reply

      You are so fanny Ustasa!

  • Dalibor ĆulumFebruary 6, 2021Reply

    Danijel is probably a Croat. Using wikipedia as a source is so funny. Why don’t you mention that your people had 53 different ways of killing prisoners in death camps? Why don’t you tell people how they made soap out of prisoners or how they played football with their heads? People should know that the town of Jastrebarsko, the former WWII camp for children, now has a sign that says “Jastrebarsko, the town friend of children”. How many of our children did you take and forcefully convert to Catholicism? How many of them did you convert to Croats and never told them who they were? In those times you went on to serve in the military when you were 18 or 19. There were villages surrounding Kozara that didn’t have any young boy in the military exactly 18-19 years after the war. You can find that in our archives and I don’t need to lie about it or use Wikipedia as a source. I could write for days about Croat crimes during WWII.

  • Nevena StanicFebruary 7, 2021Reply

    I understand that Croats want to hide the crimes of their ancestors, but I cannot understand the denial of a serious cruel crime against the Serbian population!
    Bosanska Dubica suffered in the Second World War to such an extent that 18 years had to pass for a new soldier generation!
    18 years people!!!
    The Croats went so far in their crimes against the Serb population that they invented a special knife for the slaughter of Serbs,called Srbosjek!
    The Nazis themselves admitted to killing 700,000 Serbs, there is written evidence no doubt abaut that !
    It is suspected that the figure is much higher because Jasenovac was a FLOW camp!
    Serbs were forbidden to talk about Jasenovac by Tito’s communists. Dara is the first movie made without fear of revenge by communists and Ustasha descendants ,whose children and grandchildren at this moment ,are in power in the state of Croatia!

  • Nevena StanicFebruary 7, 2021Reply

    I recommend ,that you find a Nazi written documents confirming Ustasha crimes.
    The Croatian people must accept the fact that they are the descendants of people who brutally killed nearly 1 million Jews, Serbs and Gypsy’s on the territory of the state of Croatia !

  • PedroFebruary 7, 2021Reply

    Shame on you how could you be so ignorant. May all the things you think is lies happen to you and your family if they are truth…

  • NikolaFebruary 7, 2021Reply

    What Danijel was saying is just not true. By official reports which was made by SFRJ – ex Yugoslavia, when they made excavations in Jasenovac they found around 19.500 skeletons of children besides other skeletons. Ustaše normally destroyed all documentation they had at the end of the war but in Holocaust museum in Serbia you can see hundreds of pictures from that concentration camp. Some pictures are so horrific that lot of people cannot take it anymore and they leave the room.
    Ustaše for example made special weapons for killing Serbs. “Srbomlat” – mace with spiked ball – translates “serb killer”, and knife for killing serbs “srbosjek” – it literally translates to “serb cutter”. With that knife they even made a competitions to see who is going to kill more serbs for certain amount of time. On one occasion ustaša named Petar Brzica killed over 1.300 people in a single night. Second ustaša killed around 1.100 people in the same competition as a runner up. That’s over 2.400 people killed in a single night. That camp existed for four years.


    All numbers are easy to check with simple census. See how many serbs were in Croatia before 1941 and after 1944. The same story is with war in the 90s in ex Yugoslavia. See census in 1990 and 2000. Check the census in Serbia too. Numbers doesn’t lie. It is time to accept the truth.
    Telling that most Serbian military units collaborated with Nazis and Italian fascists is ridiculous while there is physical evidences like Concentration Camps, German war documents, artefacts, photographs… the “Independent Croatia State” is made by Nazis, those are hard facts. Deal with that.

    *Tito was officially Croat, not Serbian – so it is normal that he had good relationship with Croatian ex President Franjo Tuđman. Real Partizans liberated country, but Tito and company only wanted to control the country. They sent into exile a young Serbian King Petar II Karađorđević who was 18yo when WWII started. His father King Aleksandar I Karađorđević was assassinated in France by ustaše and italian Mussolini nazis in 1934. Six years before the WWII. He died in exile in Denver, Colorado USA in 1970. Official Yugoslavian royal army was called “chetniks”. Real officers and professional soldiers. The partizans were villagers and regular people who were also fighting against nazis.

  • Biljana HajdukovicFebruary 8, 2021Reply

    THIS PERSON and his writing is proof of how far Croatian hate is going. It is not necessary to read what the Yugoslav commission of historian had find, you can read German and Italian sources.
    It is time that Serbia sue Croatia for about 2 million deaths, destroyed property, and genocide.
    This cruelty and animality against orthodox Serbs, nobody sane are not going to be able to understand.
    At least we owe that to innocent victims of barbarians

  • Milan DukicFebruary 8, 2021Reply

    I’ll just say “Fra Majstorovic”

    All this histeria because of truth about genocide in Jasenovac is because Catholic Church was directly involved in murders. That’s why they don’t wanna people research and read about this hell. Croats are well known as deniers of Holocaust and they are glorifying Nazism even today and Europe is quiet.

    I am Serb and i will talk about Jasenovac every day and on every place loud. Because of people that are murdered in most brutal ways just because they are Serbs.

  • KorayFebruary 8, 2021Reply

    Truth must be seen and evil must not be forgotten, in order to be recognized. If we forget and do not recognize evil, we allow the same, or worse, evil to happen again.
    I would be grateful, in the name of truth, if you would find the time, to watch the documentary from the link below. Thanks!


  • AneFebruary 8, 2021Reply

    Question over questions:
    Ask the Republic of Serbia why it does not want independent experts from all over the world to investigate Jasenovac?

    Auschwitz Of The Balkans Was In Serbia, Not Croatia! Serbian Nazi fascists worked closely with German Nazi officials in making Belgrade the first ‘Judenfrei’ city of Europe by mid-1942. Serbian leader Milan Nedic made an official visit to Adolf Hitler on 19 September 1943, advancing the idea that Serbia is no place for Jews and thanking ‘Führer’ for his decision to exterminate Jewish people in Europe. And they did – between 90 and 94% of Serbia’s Jews were exterminated in various concentration camps across Serbia.

    • MilanFebruary 9, 2021Reply

      Serbia doesn’t want experts to investigate Jasenovac? Jasenovac is in Croatia 🤣. I understand your hysteria because you thought that Jasenovac will be secret forever. Half of Croatians deny Jasenovac and half glorifying. Talking about camps for jews in todays Serbia. Yes there was one called Staro Sajmiste and guess what, it was in Independet State of Croatia, Srem. Falsification of WW2 facts just confirms that Croatians are still promoting fascism.

    • KorayFebruary 9, 2021Reply

      Ane, you’re obviously someone who doesn’t know geography. Jasenovac is located on the territory of Croatia, Serbia cannot or does not allow excavations and research on the territory of another country.
      As for your statement that the Balkan Auschwitz was in Serbia, it is incorrect, ridiculous and is just an indicator of how much you do not know what you are writing about.
      Croatian leader Ante Pavelić was a close associate of Adolf Hitler. Following the example of Hitler and Nazi Germany, Croatia passed a series of racial laws according to which Jews, Serbs and Gypsies were deprived of all rights and property, laws on the basis of which they were sent to concentration camps and killed in monstrous ways. https://www.ushmm.org/search/results/?q=85432 https://www.nedeljnik.rs/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/profimedia-0508752998-696×516.jpg
      Serbia was under Nazi Germany’s occupation, so the Germans sent almost all Jews and a large number of Serbs and Gypsies to concentration camps in Germany.
      At the Yad Vashem Memorial Center in Israel, the Jasenovac camp is listed as one of the twenty camps in which Jews suffered the most and were killed. https://www.yadvashem.org/odot_pdf/Microsoft%20Word%20-%205930.pdf

  • AneFebruary 8, 2021Reply

    This film is manipulation

  • AneFebruary 8, 2021Reply

    And these editors of this Greater Serbia project (icrackstreams.com who do not want to post comments) also censoring the comments. Shame and manipulation

    • iCrackStreamsFebruary 9, 2021Reply

      Comments are not released immediately due to spam. Now it’s time for you to say something right.

  • Biljana HajdukovićFebruary 9, 2021Reply

    In the Austro-Hungarian army, Croats have been the main executors of Serbian civilians in SERBIA!
    For that reason, murderers join victims in unifying the state, NOT TO PAY REPARATIONS.
    Hate for orthodox Serbs exists since the 17th century. In WW2, because they have been, always on the side of nacis, gave them the opportunity to kill simple civilians. Jasenovac is not the only one place, Pag, Gospić, Glina, unknown number of mountainous wholes, a thousand bodies have floated to Belgrade, with titles – MEAT FOR BELGRADE MARKET. Exists evidence, photographs, witnesses …. in many archives. THAT PERSON ANE forgets that have existed a Yugoslav commission, and the results are – about 700 000 dead Serbs, which was fact and for the time of communism. The real number, all over NDH was over one million. For the sake of ” brotherhood, and unity”, that stays for the years, and in the end, everything is destroyed, except that socialistic monument which signifies – nothing. I have not mention special camps for children, from where children have been saved, sometimes, just to become good Catholics. NDH or Croatians never have paid for their unbelievable atrocities, even was forbidden to talk about them.
    Finally, in 1994. with the help of mercenaries, Croatians, cleaned completely, breaking the CONSTITUTION, “their country” from Serbs. Killing again, more than 10000 people, and ethnic cleansing more than 300 000.
    PS First Jugendfriy is one perfide lie. Serbs have hide and protect Jews, ask Israel state

  • NancyFebruary 17, 2021Reply

    I would like historians from all over the world to ask Serbia for archive from the period 1940-1946 as well as an archive for the period 1946-1950. Serbia will never give that because they are manipulating the victims. They know what is true, so they are afraid to open archives. The world needs to know this too: Those who deny Srebrenica made this movies. Ask this film’s director what he thinks of Srebrenica???? Greater Serbia politics from the 90s continues in 2021-. Until Jasenovac is excavated and searched, and until all the archives in Belgrade are open to the public, I WILL NEVER TRUST THE SERBS. In the 21st century, Serbs usually say that all Croats are actually Serbs…

    I’m glad most of the world’s critics kicked this film out of this film’s award, and that they assessed this film as a manipulation with the goal of slandering Croatia…

  • MiloradFebruary 24, 2021Reply

    1. Why the Ustashas are killing and why they were brought to the camp – nothing. What motives, desires, traumas, fears lead them – nothing.

    2. Character characterization is one of the worst I’ve seen in my life. In 2 hours of film about almost no character we learn nothing. There are some Ustashas in the camp who are Croats and some prisoners who are Serbs

    3. We in “Dara of Jasenovac” watch impersonal characters without deeper emotion. Victims try to survive, unless they get too tired from work, then they ask to be killed, Ustashas like to slaughter because they have fun.

    I could write a lot more, but 2 hours of lost life is enough for me. Only thing that this film has achieved is that many my Serbs started writing on social networks that Croats should be exterminated. And that was the purpose of the movies.

  • Tomasz MichałowskiDecember 13, 2021Reply

    What exactly is occurring within all these towards the world is absolutely terrible. I hope the issues prefer that around Egypt usually are resolved quickly. They need to get for just a pacific strategy to the condition and get initiative that this military services doesn´t require a violent activity contrary to the protests. It´s distinct the folks would like the particular chief executive released, nevertheless its possible the problems usually are deeper compared to just committing to any president in a state.

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