Bell sorry for airing Reid feelings on social media

iCrackStreamsJune 14, 2021

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Running back Le’Veon Bell said in a series of tweets on Sunday that he wished he hadn’t aired his complaint about Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid on social media. But Bell also said he hadn’t changed his opinion about never playing for Reid and the Chiefs again.

“I’ll admit that’s somethin I could’ve and should’ve kept to myself & I apologize about that and that only… but I don’t regret what I said, because that’s how I feel…” Bell tweeted.

“I said what I said & I don’t regret at all what I said…for those who have a PERSONAL PROBLEM with me because of what I SAID, that’s fine…you have your right! just understand I ALSO have MY RIGHT for how I feel about MY PERSONAL problem with dude because of what HE SAID to me.”

Bell didn’t elaborate on what Reid said to him that led him to post on Instagram earlier: “I’d never play for Andy Reid again … I’d retire first.”

“I’m not about to get all into depth on why I feel the way I do, but I have my right to feel the way I feel…the ONLY thing I would change is commenting how i really felt on social media…” Bell tweeted.

“so you can love me or hate me, I’m gonna be fine regardless … I’m just giving you a small version from my point of view on why I said what I said …”

New York Jets before landing in Kansas City. With New York, he appeared in just two games, with 19 carries and 74 yards on the ground.

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